The Web is a bit like an art museum: an amazingly rich resource which is too easily squandered. I have written an article (originally presented as a paper at the Ark Group Information Architecture Forum, and at Oz-IA 2009), which introduces principles and techniques used in art museum education and shows how they can be applied in web construction, writing and design. It offers insights into:

  • transforming information chaos into information order
  • eliminating inessentials
  • making personal connections with visitors (or users) through relevance and participation, while minimising cognitive load
  • structuring content in terms of what visitors want to know and do, rather than “internal, organisational imperatives”
  • the need for unity and consistency, to allow visitors to build up a mental model of the site
  • showing a human face, where appropriate.

Read the article: I don’t know much about the web but I know what I like

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