A beautiful song in Esperanto: La Nuboj (The Clouds)

By Jhomart and Natasha

Here is a literal translation of the lyrics:
(See the lyrics as sung, in Esperanto)

On this earth grasses murmur
In the sky the clouds gather
I am a tiny cloud, too
Me too… (x 3)
And I don’t strive anywhere

I no longer need anything
Just to see my family again
Just to ask God
To see you (x 3)
Just to kiss you goodbye

And pain is not in vain
On the earth cannons roar
White clouds in the blue
My life (x 3)
Stopped so soon

I fly over rooftops
Far from home the wind carries
Mum! In silence
Listen to me
At least for a moment

White clouds over the earth
Blameless and free
And continuously in the air
We fly (x 3)
Innumerable and eternal


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