Three short talks for “Art on screen”

Poster: A girl with a pearl earringOver the next few months I will be introducing three art-related films at Avoca Beach Picture Theatre with three different 20-minute talks on art appreciation:

Monday, 2 March, 11.30am: A girl with a pearl earring and other treasures from the Mauritshuis Museum Netherlands
My talk will focus on the paintings of Vermeer and other artists in the Mauritshuis.

Monday, 20 April, 11.30am: Vincent van Gogh – a new way of seeing (from the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam)
In my talk I will try to get behind the legend of the ‘tortured genius’ and see the art of Van Gogh with fresh eyes.

Monday, 1 June, 11.30am: The Impressionists (from the Musée du Luxembourg Paris, National Gallery London and Philadelphia Museum of Art)
My talk will focus on the significance of the French Impressionists, how they changed the course of art forever.

Price for each session:
Adults: $23
Seniors: $19

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