Videos about Esperanto

Esperanto estas… (Esperanto is…)

(To understand the people speaking, if you’re not an Esperantist, make sure captions are turned on – click the CC button.)

The language challenge, by Claude Piron

The stuff of genius – Esperanto: The L.L. Zamenhof story

Ian Carter on Esperanto

A radio interview on BBC Radio York, January 2016

Search “Esperanto” on YouTube

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    1. doctordada Post author

      Thank you, Alessandro. Sorry for taking so long to approve, and reply to your comment. This website gets a lot of spam. 🙁 I have put the video onto my blog:
      [Dankon, Alessandro. Mi pardonpetas ke mi ne abrobis, kaj respondis al vian komenton, pli frue. Ĉi tiu retejo ricevas multe da spamo. 🙁 Mi metis la filmeton sur mian blogon:


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